With excellent applications in Commercial & Retail, Data Centres, Automotive Industry, Mining Industry & Chemical Industry. We have installed Busbar Systems throughout South Africa, as well as Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia and Nigeria.

See below the Siemens range of products we have installed.


The CD-K system is ideally suited for the efficient power supply of lighting systems and small consumers of 25 A up to 40 A. Thanks to its appealing design, it is applied wherever good looks are essential, e.g. in department stores, supermarkets or furniture stores. Thanks to its splash water protection with a high degree of protection IP55, the CD-K system is also suitable for environments such as greenhouses.
The CD-K system is characterised by maximum flexibility and its particular ease of mounting and disassembly in case of changed installation conditions. The plug-in quick connections are equipped to considerably facilitate installation. Since emergency and main power supply are combined in a single system, the busbar run is optimally utilized. 3- and 5-pole tap-off plugs of the same width make configuration and the use of AC and DC consumers easier. Changes or expansions to the power distribution are possible quickly and easily without downtime using tap-off plugs that are pluggable when energized.
The CD-K busbar trunking system can be connected to the GAMMA building management systems in order to realize energy-efficient solutions in lighting control.


The BD01 system is designed for applications from 40 A to 160 A. It is employed in trade and industry enterprises to safely supply small consumers with power or realise the infeed of the CD-K system. Planning is especially simple and it ensures a flexible power supply. In addition to the pre-wired tap-off units, which can also be individually equipped with components, numerous add-on devices such as protective devices or combinations with SCHUKO or CEE socket outlets are available.
The reliable mechanical and electrical connection technology guarantees faultless installation thanks to the asymmetry of the connection point of the BD01 system. The codable tap-off points and units can be clearly assigned to the consumers. The operating personnel are afforded a high degree of protection by the guided mounting of the tap-off units. The tap-off points are only automatically opened upon the tap-off units' connection. As soon as these units are removed, the tapoff points close automatically.
The tap-off units can be plugged into all system sizes. Feeder units can be used as incoming, end or center feeder unit. These two facts make both planning and stock keeping easier. Numerous components are available and so the power supply can be flexibly adapted to all building structures using 3D junction units.


The BD2 system is particularly suited for applications from 160 A to 1,250 A with increased safety requirements. The tested fire barrier and functional endurance in case of fire ensure a high degree of safety - and thus represent an optimum solution for large buildings, industrial applications as well as for shipbuilding. The compact system not only stands out for its safe operational behaviour, but also for its minimum space requirements. It can also be used for the infeed of the smaller CD-K and BD01 systems.
The anti-rotation feature and guided mounting increase safety during the installation of the system. The clamp terminal, which includes a plug-in terminal for up to 400 A and a single-bolt terminal for > 400 A, permits simple and quick assembly with built-in expansion compensation. Sealable tap-off points protect against unauthorized access. In addition, numerous components for 3-D junction units permit a flexible adaptation to the building structure in question.
The communication capable BD2 busbar trunking system with its load detection, remote monitoring and switching and its lighting control increases system availability and ensures greater transparency in your operation.


The LX system is particularly suited to applications from 800 A to 6,300 A in which large amounts of power have to be flexibly transported over long distances, for example in multi-story buildings. Thanks to its compact sandwich design with low impedance and current carrying capacity regardless of the mounting position, the system performs this function safely and, above all, costeffectively.
With a high degree of protection of up to IP55, the system can also be used in heavily contaminated or damp environments. The aluminum enclosure gives rise to a low fire load and high corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the LX system also demonstrates its strength with sensitive consumers thanks to its conductor configuration with double N conductors and clean earth.
The type-tested connections to the switchboard SIVACON S4 and S8 offer a high level of reliability and ensure optimum system protection.


The LD system offering rapid and safe mounting covers the current range from 1,100 A to 5,000 A. It transports and distributes the power between the transformer, main power distribution board and sub-distribution boards on production sites with high power requirements, e.g. for welding lines in the automotive industry.
A separate PE busbar increases the conductor cross-section and ensures a low impedance in the event of faults. It facilitates longer busbar runs as well as an assured response of the protective device, also with long current paths. In addition, tap-off units with circuit breakers up to 1,250 A increase the availability of power distribution.
Power distribution can be reliably and simply planned thanks to the type-tested connection to SIVACON switchboard and transformers. The high short-circuit strength and compact design open up many fields of application. The epoxy coating of the conductors offer additional protection against water in the ventilated system (IP34) (sprinkler-suitable).


Thanks to its enclosure made of epoxy cast resin with a high degree of protection IP68 and high short-circuit strength, the LR system provides reliable power transportation even under the most adverse ambient conditions. It is impervious to environmental factors such as air humidity and corrosive or salty atmospheres.
The robust system can be laid flat, upright, vertically or horizontally as required in applications from 400 A to 6,150 A. With only minimum space requirements, it can be optimally adjusted to the construction conditions with angles, connectors and T-pieces for change of direction. The LR system is also perfectly suited for outdoor applications.
The LR system can be simply and quickly fitted using the bolt-type terminal block. It is consistent and can be easily combined with the LX and LD systems for indoor applications.